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Scanning services

One of the primary setbacks when modifying an existing facility is missing or obsolete “as-built” documentation. In order for a project to start, documentation needs to be found, checked and updated which could entail a long, hazardous and not very accurate process. The cost of this is immense when you consider delays due to field surveys, checking existing documentation, start of construction, field modifications exceeding schedules and probably the biggest is loss of production.

Fast Track Projects uses HDS (High Definition Surveying) Laser Scanning to provide the safest, fastest, easiest and most cost effective solution for creating detailed and highly accurate” as-built” documentation for all types of industries.

This technique provides accurate 3D information of piping, structure, equipment and other related items, which can then be used for fabrication, design and construction decisions. This equates to reduced costs, optimized schedules, increased quality and improved safety, with construction rework being reduced by more than 80%.

Software Solutions

In order to convert complex volumes of asset data into “easy to understand” usable information and is business actionable, Fast Track Projects has a number of innovative easy to use software products for plant design and management systems based on 3D Visualization of electronic models, representing the actual physical conditions of the asset, integrated with plant enterprise data systems and other operation and document management systems.

Outsourced services

FTP has been a solution for many consulting engineers, being able to assist in the deliverables when a project has time constraints. FTP offers a fully equipped drawing office with 15 fully operational stations, and document control in place. Stand-by coded engineers in all the major disciplines, civil, mechanical and structural steel, for design calculations when required. All Draughting services are made available in a format of the client’s choice.